NZ Book Council — Анимация из книг

Film for NZ Book Council
Produced by Colenso BBDO
Animated by Andersen M Studio

Бумажная анимация от лондонской студии. 8 месяцев работы 10 лезвиями и никакой компьютерной графики…
Аниматоры из студии Andersen M Studio доказали,что книга может не только рассказывать, но и показывать… Они «оживили» одну из книг новозеландского писателя Maurice Gee «Исчезновение» (Going West)

Для понимающих английски язык субтитры к видео:

By train, from Loomis Station, the track ran straight for several miles, with straggly town on one side. Ah Lap’s grocery where you could buy Chinese ginger in jars;

the Scout Hall, the Anglican Church, the jam factory – and vineyards and farms on the other.

The line began to curve… and the impression one had was of worming into Auckland. It went up inclines and through cuttings, and you saw a grey fringe of cemetery overlapping

the hill, and the lumpy end of the ranges on the other side.

Once across the spindly bridge there was no creeping, you stabbed like a knife.

Avondale, Mt. Albert, houses tumbling one against the other, iron roofs in a frayed quilt of reds and greens; and Morningside, Kingsland, with Eden Park mown like a lawn… waiting for the big match Saturday; then the prison, an English castle, with the quarry where the prisoners broke stones, and Auckland Grammar standing above, its Kublai Khan

buildings in the sun and boys in navy-blue kicking footballs high. What happened when a football went into the quarry?

Newmarket Tunnel, with men’s cigarettes in the dark, and kids making ghost yells, and the smell of sulphur – and once in there, the big kids said, a Seddon Tech boy rooted his sheila… …and they both had their pants pulled up and were sitting as though nothing had happened by the time the train came out the other end.

At Auckland station the ramps made you run and the echoing big hall threatened you and you felt that you might travel up or down instead of along, by slanting, sliding ways or

by the plucking of a Hand, and hear a big final Voice. The dusty straggling walk along to Queen Street ended that.

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